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Van Northern is an attorney in Amarillo, TX, with extensive expertise in family law, bankruptcy, wills & probate, and business and contract litigation. Northern Law Firm also services the Lubbock area. If you are facing bankruptcy, foreclosure, or wage garnishments, or need lower car payments, our law firm can help you file bankruptcy and stop wage garnishments and lower the monthly payments on your auto loan if you qualify for Chapter 13.

Settling any disputes among family can be a stressful time in your life. Whether you are going through a divorce or determining the custody of a child, our family law firm can help you settle any disputes as quickly and civilly as possible. With our wills & probate attorney services, we can help you fully outline the details of a will or property agreement and secure the future of your family. As a family law attorney in Amarillo, TX, we’ll look at your issues from angles you may not have considered to ensure you are covering every possible scenario for distribution of your property after you pass.

If you lose a family member and it turns out that they didn’t prepare a will, you’ll need the help of an Amarillo family attorney who’s skilled in wills and probate to sort it out.

Van Northern is your Bankruptcy & Family Law attorney in Amarillo, TX.

The 4 Types of Breach of Contract Violations

The 4 Types of Breach of Contract Violations

When you put an agreement in writing, you expect the signers to honor it. These types of breach of contract violations show you can’t always rely on compliance.

When Should You Hire a Business Attorney?

When Should You Hire a Business Attorney?

A business lawyer can be the critical lynchpin to protecting your business. Read on to learn how to tell when it’s time to hire a business attorney.

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