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Van Northern is an attorney in Amarillo, TX, with extensive expertise in bankruptcy, wills & probate, family law, and business and contract litigation. Northern Law Firm also services the Lubbock area. If you are facing bankruptcy, foreclosure, or wage garnishments, or need lower car payments, our law firm can help you file bankruptcy and stop wage garnishments and lower the monthly payments on your auto loan if you qualify for Chapter 13.

Settling any disputes among family can be a stressful time in your life. Whether you are going through a divorce or determining the custody of a child, our law firm can help you settle any disputes as quickly and civilly as possible. With our wills & probate attorney services, we can help you fully outline the details of a will or property agreement and secure the future of your family.

Van Northern is your Bankruptcy & Family Law attorney in Amarillo, TX.

Foreclosure – Can bankruptcy save my home?

Foreclosure – Can bankruptcy save my home?

Almost always the answer is “Yes!”, IF you qualify for bankruptcy relief, and file before the date and time set out in the Notice of Foreclosure, Notice of Substitute Trustee Sale, or Notice of Sheriff’s Sale. Different bankruptcies provide for different relief from the sale of your real estate. The filing of a bankruptcy under Chapters 13, 11*, or 12...

Vehicle – Can I lower my car payments in bankruptcy?

Vehicle – Can I lower my car payments in bankruptcy?

The answer is usually “YES!”, ...but only if you qualify for Chapter 13* (a bankruptcy refinancing option). In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, (a payment plan for consumers) they may lower their interest rates to the prevailing federal prime rate plus 2%, which at this time is around 5.25%, AND stretch their payments out, refinancing up to 60 additional months...

Bankruptcy: Why you shouldn’t be afraid.

Bankruptcy: Why you shouldn’t be afraid.

Today, you are probably wondering what bankruptcy can do for you, how bankruptcy works, and how can you pay for it. You may be nervous or unsure about filing for bankruptcy, but what you need to know first is that bankruptcy is a tool that is used to help people. This paper will answer those questions, plus provide some basic facts about bankruptcy which...

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