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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy claims

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Services

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is known as a “liquidation” bankruptcy, because all eligible debts (such as medical bills and credit card debts) are simply wiped out for those who qualify. The client is allowed to surrender any house or home that she does not wish to keep or cannot afford to keep. However, in a chapter 7 case, most clients are allowed to keep their homestead, and their vehicle, if a client is current on those secured debt payments at the time of filing or can get current within six weeks after filing bankruptcy.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy claims

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Services

This kind of case is for corporations or high-income individuals who qualify and wish to present a plan to their creditors for repayment and have them vote on the Plan as supervised by the Court. If 2/3 of the creditors vote “yes’ (as determined by the amount of each creditor’s debt) the U.S. bankruptcy judge may approve a repayment plan, and the payments on heavily discounted unsecured debts, usually begin 9 months after the case is filed, and a Chapter 11 Plan is confirmed. It can also be used to give the business more time to sell land and other assets before they are foreclosed or repossessed. This kind of bankruptcy is very expensive and is used in rare circumstances in the bankruptcy courts.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy claims

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Services

There is another kind of bankruptcy for individuals who are behind on their house payments or car payments and wish to keep them by a reorganization plan in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. If you qualify for this bankruptcy, you can stop foreclosures, repossessions, lawsuits, and garnishments, and seek relief in a five-year payment plan to become current on these obligations as well as any arrearage on child support, or taxes. The chapter 13 bankruptcy, if approved by the Court, allows you to refinance your vehicle, and get caught up on any home mortgage arrears in a five-year plan, sometimes known as a “reorganization bankruptcy”. Our task is to show the Court that your Plan is feasible, based on your current income and allowed expenses, all as controlled by federal guidelines and statutes.

Close up of a Will document

Estate Planning Services & Probate

Many people are not aware of the importance of probating the will of a loved one. This is especially important when there is any real estate, or where the Deceased has been divorced, or has children with more than one spouse. The word “probate” simply means to prove to the Court that the Will is valid, and have the Court appoint someone (normally named in the Will) as an Executor to see that the Will is carried out without further Court approval. Any will should be probated less than 4 years from the date that the deceased passed away to avoid serious complications in the will and the handling of the estate. The fees for the normal probate are normally less than $2,000.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy claims

Family Law Services

At Northern Law Firm, we are passionate about defending our clients.  We know that being arrested and charged with a crime can be a terrifying, stressful experience that causes frustration and uncertainty for you and your family.  Criminal charges have serious consequences for your job, reputation, and liberty.  Most employers perform criminal background checks that show misdemeanor or felony convictions.

You need an attorney to handle your case and try their best to prevent a life altering conviction.

Whether you are facing charges of DWI, assault, drug possession, theft, or another crime, you want a defense attorney who is on your side and who will vigilantly defend your rights. While we cannot guarantee particular results, we can guarantee great service and diligent work on your behalf.

If you provide basic details about your case, we will contact you to discuss your options with our firm.

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