Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

Making the decision to file for bankruptcy is never easy, and it can be made even harder by the prospect of finding quality representation. When debts pile up and you need someone to help you obtain a fair repayment plan, Northern Law Firm is just who to call. Van Northern, with several years working on chapter 13 bankruptcy cases, is trustworthy and talented. With plenty of experience as a chapter 13 lawyer, he understands the sensitive nature of these litigations, how to navigate them, and how to best support his clients throughout the process.

What Is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

When you file for chapter 13 bankruptcy, it gives you the ability to develop a plan for repaying all the debts you’ve fallen behind on. This plan will take effect over the following three to five years, and it will be based on the individual’s monthly income. Filing for this type of bankruptcy with the aid of a chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney comes with several benefits. For one, it stops the foreclosure process of a person’s home and prevents the seizure of additional assets, such as a car. This gives you a chance to retain these items should you complete your repayment within the time allotted.

Determining Your Chapter 13 Eligibility

Any individual can file for chapter 13 bankruptcy. However, it’s important to mention that you become ineligible if your total debts exceed a certain monetary value. Therefore, discussing the details with a qualified chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer will be vital to determining whether this filing is the right choice for you.

Van Northern works tirelessly to provide you with the support you need during your trying financial struggles. Whether you’re looking to start the filing process for bankruptcy or simply want someone to talk to for legal advice, Northern Law Firm will do all we can to assist you. Contact us today to get a chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer who will go the extra mile to meet your needs.

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