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Contract disputes can be tricky. From blatant breaches of agreements to partner disputes, there’s a lot that can happen in this arena, and we at Northern Law Firm want to give you a fighting chance. As an experienced contract dispute attorney in Amarillo, TX, Van Northern will work hard to protect your contractual rights. You don’t have to navigate these issues alone, and with the right contract dispute lawyer on your side, you can come out on top. These are some of the types of cases we can help you settle.

Breach of Contract

When the contract in question is brief or unclear, it can cause a lot of confusion when it’s time for each party to complete their end of the agreement. People are bound to interpret clauses differently, and, in these cases, it’s only natural that someone would misunderstand what is expected of them. Fortunately, a breach of contract lawyer can help bring some clarity to the situation and ensure that both parties understand the expectations moving forward.

Partnership Disputes

Even the closest of business partners can have disagreements over how to run their company. When this happens, it can make for a very unpleasant power struggle and overall working environment. Financial compensation is a particularly common issue for business owners to fight over. So it’s vital that you have someone in your corner to help draw up a fair division of assets. Amarillo contract attorneys will put in the time to ensure you come to an agreement both partners will accept.

General Liability

Should someone sustain an injury on your business’s property, you have the potential to be liable for the incident. These accidents can also evolve into contract disputes that leave you subject to ample fines and payouts. Van Northern has several decades of experience working as a contract dispute lawyer, and our team knows how to navigate these cases with tact.

Van Northern is the contract dispute attorney in Amarillo that will take your case, from businesses to schools to hospitals to banks. He’s worked on all manners of contract disputes and will go the extra mile for you.

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