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Planning for what happens to your finances and assets after your death can be a complicated and time-consuming process, and it can cause a lot of stress. For residents of the Panhandle, the assistance of an experienced wills and probate attorney in Amarillo, TX, is a vital element in thoroughly outlining your possessions and detailing who will acquire them in the future. Make sure you know where your hard-earned cash and property are going when you are gone by hiring Van Northern as your experienced wills and estates lawyer.

It’s often NOT what you think, and NOT what you have been told by well-meaning friends and relatives. Wills and trusts can help resolve many disputes by detailing ownership in writing rather than by oral agreement, which can cause confusion and unnecessary conflict of personal relationships. The last thing you want is for the people you care about to argue about possessions and experience more pain after you pass.

Losing a loved one, or planning for our own death, is one of the most difficult problems all of us eventually face. However, a wills and probate lawyer can help loved ones move on with their lives and even foster closer relationships by civilly distributing assets between beneficiaries through the drafting of wills.

Mr. Northern has over 30 years of experience preparing and probating wills and preparing trusts, and even avoiding probate entirely in the right circumstances. He is a wills and estates lawyer committed to helping you thoroughly review your finances, assets, property, and more in order to not leave anyone or anything forgotten.

For clients who have homes, businesses, or investments, pre-death planning is essential to ensure that your property and money passes to those you CHOOSE, not who the state and federal government will choose for you, in the absence of proper planning and advice.

Tax and estate laws can change, and challenging life events are bound to occur. In these instances, a will lawyer can help you keep everything up to date. As a general rule of thumb, you should review the details of your will with your lawyer once every five years to make sure everything is up-to-par legally. Additionally, if you lose a loved one, get married, get divorced, or have a new addition to the family, you’ll want to make sure that your will still reflects your wishes in response to a major life event.

Distribution of your assets is a major part of estate-planning. But there are other elements of getting your affairs in order that you must consider: For instance, what happens if you become incapacitated? As we age, illness and infirmity become more likely. Some of us begin to lose our faculties and become unable to make thoughtful decisions about finances. Furthermore, if you fall into an incommunicative state without leaving any instructions regarding life-sustaining or -saving measures, this can be a particularly painful situation for the family. If you are on your own or your spouse has already passed and you left no instructions about what you would want in that situation, doctors could end up making decisions for you about prolonging your life or removing you from life support.

Don’t let this happen to you or your family members. Van Northern’s expertise as a wills and trusts attorney extends to preparing powers of attorney for health care and property. While you are still in good health and in possession of all your faculties, you can create specific instructions that grant a person of your choosing the power to manage your money and make decisions about your medical care.

As your wills and trusts attorney, Van Northern will also help you understand the tax implications of estate-planning. This is especially important if you have substantial assets, from investments to land.

Make sure you take care of your property and assets and who will receive them in your stead by hiring a wills and probate attorney in Amarillo, TX, today to draft your wills and trusts.

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