When you’re experiencing serious life changes or issues, it can be difficult to tell when it’s time to contact a lawyer and get help. Family cases can seem deceptively simple, and you may think your divorce or custody case will easily go your way due to certain circumstances. However, this is never a guarantee. To help you determine when it’s time to hang up the towel and ask for help, check out these top five signs it’s time to consult with a family attorney.

When Getting Married

Family law is also known as matrimonial law, and while marriage is a happy occasion, it’s also a legal one. Laws and legal requirements surrounding marriage can vary from state to state. A lawyer can inform and prepare you for what’s required. They can also assist you in forming a prenup.

When Getting Divorced

Whether or not you and your spouse a prenup before marriage, a family lawyer can assist when getting a divorce, as it’s almost always a difficult process. Divorce proceedings can last years, and most legal issues occur from dividing property or agreeing on child custody. Without the right representation and legal consult, you may lose a critical case or not receive the outcome you deserve.

During Adoption Procedures

Adoption law and procedures are arguably one of the most complex branches of family law, and many adoption cases can fail due to unforeseen legal issues. You have to prove you are financially, mentally, physically, and emotionally able to care for the child, which can be hard to prove, even in the most seemingly easy cases. Not to mention the myriad of legal documents you must read and sign. Unfortunately, issues can arise due to objections from the legal guardian.

During Child Custody Procedures

Many child custody cases should go smoother than they do, but even if a parent is deemed unfit to take care of the child, they may still have visitation rights. Much like during adoption procedures, you have to prove you are fit to care for your child, which isn’t always easy to do. Additionally, family members and/or CPS may try to take the child. If you’ve been wrongfully accused of negligence, it’s critical to hire a lawyer.

Final Will and Testament Plans

If you are drafting a will and testament, you have to go through an incredible number of legal hoops. You must consistently update and secure your will in order for your wishes to be properly conducted and prevent legal issues from arising. If you don’t take the right action, your will can easily be disputed upon your passing, leading to disagreements over assets and familial rifts.

Ultimately, the most blaring sign it’s time to consult with a family attorney is if you’re facing any legal issues or questions regarding family law. Lawyers exist to help you, and at Northern Legal, that’s what we do. We’re a firm of family lawyers in Amarillo, Texas, dedicated to helping you and your case run as smoothly and favorably as possible.