Families can be rambunctious, and squabbles are common. Usually, parents and their adult children, or adult siblings, can work things out. Sometimes, disagreements can escalate and end up in court. The different types of legal family disputes raise issues that require the attention of an experienced family lawyer.


Divorce is probably the most common form of family legal dispute. Along with the dissolution of the marriage, related issues like child custody, spousal support or alimony, visitation, and arguments over the division of property can prolong divorce proceedings and make them more rancorous than necessary. Each spouse should hire their own lawyer to represent their interests without feeding the emotional turmoil.


Unfortunately, adolescents ask the court to issue an order of emancipation due to family neglect, parental addiction, or interminable arguing between parents or siblings. This legally establishes a minor as independent and responsible for taking care of themselves. The minimum age for emancipation in Texas is 16.


No matter how well they prepare and describe their last wishes in wills and trusts, people can’t always anticipate their children’s and grandchildren’s desires about bequests and the distribution of property. Disgruntled children or distant family members who think they “deserve” something more, or who suspect other family members of manipulating a departed loved one to create a lopsided will, may seek redress in the courts.

Domestic Violence

Victims of domestic violence can seek help from the courts in the form of restraining orders that keep abusers away from them. They may also file for divorce under difficult circumstances where their abuser refuses to cooperate with court proceedings.


Family members with special needs, or elders who have become incapacitated, may need legal guardians to watch over their affairs, tend to their medical needs, and manage their assets. Family law encompasses matters of guardianship.

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